Sunday, December 16, 2012

New diagnostic test may hold promise for chronic Lyme disease

Boulder Diagnostics has announced the European launch of their new SpiroFind™ Lyme Disease Diagnostic Test. The test, offered by the company's clinical diagnostic service laboratory in Mellrichstadt, Germany, queries the exposure of the patients immune system to Borrelia organisms. These exposures are "stored" in the immune system for extended periods, potentially making this method well suited to identification of chronic Lyme disease infections. Additionally, Boulder Diagnostics claims the test can differentiate between active infections and past exposures as well as detect active Lyme Borreliosis through all stages of the disease.

A clinical study has confirmed the effectiveness of the test with the results submitted for publication in the peer-reviewed literature (so be watching for this to appear early next year for more detailed information). The results will also be presented at a conference in Berlin in April, 2013.

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